Wireless LAN Solutions for Healthcare

Scalable, Secure, High Performance Wi-Fi for Healthcare

The constant need for mobility among doctors, nurses and staff while remaining connected to clinical information systems is a natural environment for wireless LANs. As the number of wireless applications grows, the wireless LAN network increasingly is a mission critical component of the network infrastructure.

AirTight Wi-Fi provides high performance wireless networking that scales to meet the demands of any healthcare organization. AirTight’s next generation controllerless Wi-Fi architecture eliminates the cost and complexity of legacy WLAN solutions. Plug and play deployment and template based configuration simplifies WLAN implementation while AirTight’s embedded WIPS technology eliminates network disruptions and ensures patient privacy. Network administrators can monitor and managed all Wi-Fi networks including those in remote clinics from a centralized console.
  • High performance 802.11n Wi-Fi for bandwidth intensive healthcare applications
  • Quality of service controls give priority to critical mobile applications
  • BYOD ready networking and device on-boarding for physician smart devices
  • Embedded WIPS minimized network disruptions and protect patient privacy
  • Centralized administration to manage a distributed campus and remote clinics
Minimize Network Disruptions; Protect Patient Privacy

Unauthorized or "rogue" access points and Wi-Fi enabled devices that connect to neighboring networks can put patient privacy at risk. With the proliferation of Wi-Fi enabled personal devices, external sources of interference can disrupt network operations, putting patient safety at risk.

AirTight Networks’ industry leading wireless intrusion prevention system addresses the physical and technical safeguards defined for protecting Electronic Protected Health Information (EPHI), preventing unauthorized wireless access to online medical records as well as securing the network from wireless security breaches. AirTight® Networks’ wireless security solutions stop wireless threats in their tracks, protect patient privacy and ease the IT burden for maintaining a robust wireless network. AirTight automatically detects, classifies, and remediates wireless threats to protect patient moupirintiality, ensuring a robust wireless infrastructure that is performing well and meets HIPAA compliance.
  • Automatically remediate threats
  • Eliminate network disruptions
  • Restrict unauthorized wireless access to patient data
  • Protect patient privacy, maintain HIPAA compliance
Maximize Your WLAN Investment

The invisibility and the uncertainty of RF propagation can make wireless LAN performance and network planning a complex task. Whether investing in a new 802.11n WLAN network, migrating from a legacy 802.11 a/b/g WLAN network or using a mixed environment, proper planning keeps critical applications running at peak performance and sensitive data secure.

AirTight Networks offers a comprehensive set of professional services that cover the entire wireless implementation lifecycle including planning, design, site survey, installation, configuration, and security. Healthcare organizations will benefit by optimizing WLAN performance without unnecessary capital expenditure, minimizing help desk calls from unsatisfied users and maximizing performance of critical applications while securing the network and protecting patient privacy from wireless threats.
  • Guidance on WLAN settings to achieve your WLAN performance and security goals
  • Spectrum analysis to detect live RF interference
  • Troubleshooting of wireless performance problems
  • Recommendations on specific product solutions to match your organizations wireless needs