Multi-tenant and Massively Scalable Architecture

The AirTight cloud can scale for ten to tens of thousands of locations or devices. It is multi-tenant – separating customer accounts, configuration, and data. In fact, AirTight is the first and only cloud based Wi-Fi and WIPS vendor that can also enable multi-tenancy within a specific customer account (e.g., corporate vs. franchisee, or across multiple brands) using AirTight’s patented hierarchical location based architecture.
Secure, Fault-tolerant Data Centers

AirTight's globally distributed data centers offer 99.9% uptime and local and WAN-based high availability and redundancy. AirTight APs and sensors at customer locations communicate with the AirTight cloud over an AES-encrypted tunnel. AirTight APs and sensors are capable of standalone operation - they can continue to provide uninterrupted service even if the Internet connectivity at a customer location goes down.

AirTight's data centers are SAS-70 type II certified - secured with multiple levels of physical and cyber security measures, two-factor authentication and protection against environmental hazards.
"Location Aware" Centralized Management

AirTight's patented hierarchical location based policy management architecture simplifies management of geographically distributed locations, easily scaling from ten to tens of thousands of locations. Using this architecture, enterprises can define role-based administration such that administrators get access to only the locations and functions they manage; other locations and functions are 'out of bounds' and naturally protected from mismanagement. Other functions, including inheritance and customization of policies, dashboards, devices and alerts listing, statistics, and reporting are also location aware.
Zero Touch Provisioning and Flexible Pricing

AirTight APs and sensors are pre-configured out of the box to automatically discover and connect to the AirTight Cloud and download their location-based configuration and policies. As a result, deployment is plug-and-play even at remote sites with no IT staff. Subscription-based service modules are available on a bundled zero capex or an unbundled hybrid pricing, making the services affordable for business of every size and vertical.