Wireless Security - On The Go!

Wherever your mobile workforce goes -- at home, at work or on the road, the AirTight Mobile agent continuously monitors and enforces your wireless security policies on their mobile endpoints, preventing Wi-Fi misuse and protecting them from Wi-Fi hacking attacks, such as Café Latte that target the Wi-Fi client. The agent can also clear unapproved SSIDs cached on the mobile devices to prevent them from probing for those SSIDs and inadvertently connecting to untrusted Wi-Fi networks.

Location-sensitive policies can control the behavior of mobile endpoints differently depending on whether they are connected to the enterprise network, home network or an untrusted independent network.

Key Features
  • Block unsecure Wi-Fi connections, e.g., Open, WEP, Ad-hoc
  • Enforce VPN policies for remote access to enterprise network
  • Prevent vulnerable SSID probing and inadvertent Wi-Fi connections
  • Policy enforcement in the context of location, e.g., home, work, away
Mobile Device Connection Management

AirTight Mobile agent can manage multiple interfaces, e.g., Wi-Fi, BLUEtooth, 3G/4G, Ethernet, USB, and IrDA, on laptops, smartphones and tablets. Enterprises can control simultaneous use of any combination of these interfaces or simply enforce a "one-interface-at-a-time" policy to prevent “interface bridging’” from compromising enterprise network security, e.g., access to the enterprise Ethernet LAN shared to unauthorized users or devices over Wi-Fi.

Key Features
  • Control device interfaces: Wi-Fi, BLUEtooth, 3G/4G, Ethernet, USB, Firewire, IrDA, mass storage devices, and modems
  • Prevent unauthorized access to the enterprise network via bridging
  • Block mobile hotspots on smartphones and tablets
Secure BYOD Onboarding

AirTight Mobile seamlessly integrates with AirTight Wi-Fi and AirTight WIPS enabling a fully automated end-to-end enterprise mobile device onboarding and security solution. Enterprises can leverage AirTight Mobile agent to automatically authenticate and authorize devices trying to connect to the enterprise network over Wi-Fi, including employee-owned smartphones and tablets. Devices not running AirTight Mobile are classified as unapproved and their access to the enterprise network is blocked.

Key Features
  • Integration with AirTight Wi-Fi and AirTight WIPS for automated "gatekeeping" to authorize approved Wi-Fi devices and block unapproved Wi-Fi devices
  • Integration with virtually any mobile device management (MDM) service
  • Secure BYOD device onboarding allowing employees to use their personal smartphones and tablets for enterprise network access
Centralized Deployment, Management and Reporting

AirTight Mobile agents can be centrally deployed across all Windows corporate devices using common software distribution and management systems such as Microsoft SMS, Altiris and McAfee ePO, or in case of mobile devices, as a part of the package delivered from a mobile device management (MDM) server. For BYOD onboarding, the AirTight Mobile agent could be hosted on a captive portal where users are redirected from where they can download the agent.

Network administrators can manage security profiles and push policies too al devices from a single console. They can also generate or schedule consolidated reports on device usage, wireless security incidents and risk levels. Key Features
  • Easy to deploy using common enterprise software distribution systems
  • Single pane-of-glass access and view of all devices
  • Centralized management of security profiles and policies
  • Consolidated reporting