RF Environment Modeling

AirTight Planner allows you to import your floor plans as AutoCAD files or image files. With AutoCAD files, you can select the appropriate layers from within Planner. If using image files, Planner provides a repository of common building materials and a variety of objects with which you can draw different types of walls on the floor in no time.

Key Features
  • Supports import of floor plans as AutoCAD and image files
  • Pre-defined RF path loss properties for a variety of building materials
  • Simple 'click-and-drag' drawing tools
WLAN and WIPS Planning

AirTight Planner has a comprehensive repository of AP models, WIPS sensors, antennas and radiation patterns and supports 802.11a, b, g, n protocols. You can also create custom models. APs or sensors can be readily dragged and dropped on the floor plan. RF heatmaps provide a rich visualization of your network based on signal strength, link speed, redundancy, interference, channel allocation, wireless intrusion detection and prevention, etc., and quickly allow you to optimize the number of APs or sensors you need and their placement.

You can also take advantage of the Auto AP placement wizard to let AirTight Planner do the whole process for you based on your coverage (e.g., link speed) or capacity (e.g., no. of simultaneous users, traffic load, VoIP calls) requirements.

Key Features
  • Drag and drop devices and visualize your RF coverage in no time
  • Auto AP placement and auto channel allocation to minimize interference
  • The only RF planning tool that supports Wi-Fi coverage and capacity planning and WIPS security coverage planning
Customizable Planning Reports and SPM Files

Detailed reports of your planning project can be generated to provide your installation team with the list of material and RF heatmaps showing the placement of APs and sensors and their estimated coverage.

The AirTight Planner output file (.spm) that contains all information about your planning project can be saved and imported into AirTight Wi-Fi and AirTight WIPS so that once APs and sensors are deployed, you can instantly start managing them from the unified management console.

Key Features
  • Customizable WLAN and WIPS planning reports
  • Seamless integration with AirTight Wi-Fi and AirTight WIPS