Enterprise Grade Wireless LAN

The key to automatic device classification is to determine which of the Wi-Fi devices detected in the vicinity are connected to the enterprise network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. AirTight WIPS implements the “connectivity test” using AirTight’s patented Marker Packet™ techniques to quickly and accurately identify devices connected to the network, without relying on slow and inconclusive CAM table lookups and passive wired network sniffing used by other WIPS solutions.

Key Features
  • Detects Rogue APs in seconds, not minutes or hours
  • Eliminates false positives and false negatives
  • Eliminates the need to define arbitrary Rogue detection rules based on SSID, signal strength, MAC OUI, etc.
  • Eliminates the time and effort of manually inspecting newly discovered Wi-Fi devices
Reliable Intrusion Prevention

AirTight WIPS is the only true wireless INTRUSION PREVENTION system. Customers can turn on prevention to let AirTight WIPS precisely block only those Wi-Fi connections that violate their corporate policies or pose a threat to their network security, without affecting legitimate Wi-Fi communication on own or neighbor’s networks. Ironically, all competing (so-called WIPS) vendors recommend their customers NOT to turn on intrusion prevention with the fear that it may interfere or take down own or neighbor’s Wi-Fi network.

Key Features
  • Patented Multi-channel, multi-threat and multi-level prevention
  • Equally effective on all types of wireless threats
  • Goes beyond simple de-authentication and uses several advanced prevention techniques depending on the type of wireless threat
  • Non-intrusive and independent of the switching infrastructure
  • Can implement "Geo-fencing" to enforce Wi-Fi and "No Wi-Fi" zones
Accurate Location Tracking

By pinpointing the physical location of a Wi-Fi device on the floor map, AirTight WIPS allows security administrators to quickly track down a vulnerable or threat-posing device and take action. Real-time and historic location information is available.

Key Features
  • Accurate location tracking within few feet based on AirTight’s patented probabilistic RF fingerprinting technique
  • Self-calibrating WIPS sensors eliminate the need for manual site surveys
  • Stable in presence of transient signal variations due to RF obstructions, antenna orientation, device transmit power, etc.
Secure BYOD Policy Enforcement

AirTight WIPS can automatically fingerprint the type of smartphones and tablets (Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile, etc.) that try to get access to the enterprise network, categorize them as approved or unapproved, and block Wi-Fi network access to unapproved devices. AirTight WIPS also provides an API to virtually integrate with any mobile device management (MDM) solution for automating mobile security.

Key Features
  • Automatic fingerprinting of types of smartphones and tablets
  • Block unapproved personal devices till they get authorized
  • Detect and block mobile W-Fi hotspots
Smart Forensics

AirTight’s Smart Forensics provides ready-to-use and actionable information about wireless incidents and an audit trail of actions taken. Administrators can make better decisions, faster.

Key Features
  • Configurable forensics time window
  • Sequence of events, participating devices, and duration of activities
  • Real-time and historical location tracking
  • Audit trail of actions taken (e.g., alert notification, acknowledgement of events or devices, and automatic or manual quarantine)
"Location Aware" Centralized Management

AirTight's patented hierarchical location based policy management architecture simplifies management of geographically distributed locations, easily scaling from ten to tens of thousands of locations. Using this architecture, enterprises can define role-based administration such that administrators get access to only the locations and functions they manage; other locations and functions are 'out of bounds' and naturally protected from mismanagement. Other functions, including inheritance and customization of policies, dashboards, devices and alerts listing, statistics, and reporting are also location aware.

Key Features
  • Single console management
  • Hierarchical location-based policy inheritance and customization
  • Role-based administration
Third Party Integration and Interoperability

AirTight WIPS is vendor agnostic and can overlay on top of any Wi-Fi infrastructure. Further, technical integration with most leading WLAN solutions, allows it to import information such as managed APs and clients, and their live signal strength that can be repurposed for location tracking. AirTight WIPS can also interoperate with standard enterprise security and management (SIEM) platforms, including ArcSight, CheckPoint, McAfee ePO, Qualys and MDM solutions. SNMP and Syslog interfaces allow it to integrate with virtually any event and log management tool.

Key Features
  • Can overlay on top of any WLAN infrastructure and provides technical integration with leading WLAN solutions
  • Technical integration with leading SIEM solutions and support for SNMP and Syslog
  • Simplifies management and reduces the overall cost of deployment and operation
Flexible Deployment and Pricing

A variety of deployment and pricing options cater to enterprises of every industry and size. AirTight WIPS, offered as a part of AirTight Cloud ServicesTM, can be hosted and managed from AirTight's public cloud or private cloud. Or enterprises can choose to host and manage AirTight WIPS from a VMware server or an AirTight appliance installed in-house. Regardless of the deployment model, AirTight sensors at any number of geographically distributed sites can be managed centrally from a single console.

AirTight sensors are pre-configured out of the box to automatically discover and connect to the AirTight Cloud or to its local management server and download its location-based configuration and policies. As a result, deployment is plug-and-play and your WLAN is up and running in a few minutes, even at remote sites with no IT staff.

Pricing is available as full Capex, full Opex (bundled) cloud service, or a hybrid (unbundled) cloud service, and is all inclusive.

Key Features
  • AirTight sensors "auto-homing" capability enables zero-touch provisioning
  • Multi-tenant architecture separates customer accounts, configuration, and data on AirTight's public cloud
  • Industry's only WIPS solution that also supports multi-tenancy within a specific customer account, allowing enterprises to manage control across distinct functions such as brands, ownership (e.g., corporate vs. franchisee owned), geography, etc.
  • No feature-based license fees!
  • No per-sensor license fees!