Wireless LAN Solutions for Branch Offices

The distributed nature of branch offices presents several challenges for corporate IT professionals. For maximum productivity, remote employees require the same applications and systems as employees located at a corporate headquarters. Branch office networks need to be secure, remotely manageable, and scalable without complex architectures and dedicated IT staff in each location.

AirTight's cloud managed Wi-Fi access solution is a perfect fit for the distributed enterprise and branch offices where limited IT budgets and staff are commonplace. With flexible cloud pricing models and the industry's top rated Wireless IPS, AirTight Wi-Fi is the easiest to use, most secure, and most cost effective WLAN access solution available.

Simple to Deploy

AirTight Wi-Fi is the ideal APs are pre-configured out of the box to automatically discover and connect to the AirTight management server and download your pre-defined corporate configuration and network security policies. As a result, deployment is plug-and-play and your WLAN is up and running in a few minutes, even at remote sites with no IT staff.

  • Plug and play deployment without local IT resources
  • Infinite scalability as you grow your WLAN deployment
  • Template driven configuration
  • Centrally manageable by corporate IT staff
Easy to Manage

Managing remote offices has never been easier. AirTight's patented hierarchical location based policy management has been the industry's first and still only architecture to simplify management of geographically distributed locations, easily scaling from ten to tens of thousands of locations.

Enterprises can define role-based administration in any logical context, e.g., geography, brands, and ownership, so administrators get access to only the locations and functions they manage.

  • Customizable HTML5 UI
  • Location based policy definition and enforcement
  • Role based administration
  • Customizable reporting
Always Secure

AirTight's secure Wi-Fi access solution eliminates security concerns when deploying Wi-Fi in remote offices. AirTight's top-ranked WIPS is embedded in all AirTight access points to provide the most comprehensive security against wireless threats.

  • Embedded WIPS
  • BYOD onboarding and policy enforcement
  • Integrated firewall
  • QoS and traffic shaping
  • Guest Wi-Fi