Wireless Security and PCI Compliance

Recognizing that unauthorized or insecure Wi-Fi presents a danger to network security, the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) has published wireless security guidelines to protect sensitive payment card data from wireless threats. Though PCI DSS suggests quarterly wireless vulnerability scans, a merchant can be held liable if the cardholder data is compromised in the duration between scans. The only way to guarantee a secure and compliant network requires 24x7 scanning of your wired and wireless environment as an essential step in securing the cardholder data and a recommended best practice.

Go beyond a "checkmark"

AirTight WIPS goes beyond the PCI compliance "checkmark" to ensure that your sensitive payment card data is secure from wireless secure breaches. AirTight automates PCI wireless compliance scanning and reporting of rogue APs and other wireless threats that can put your data at risk. Automated threat containment ensures your network and data are secure at all times.

AirTight's PCI scanning and remediation services offer a radically less expensive alternative to any competitive solution available today. Walking around with a wireless analyzer for conducting scans is a time-consuming process, limited in scope, cannot scale for large premises and is costly if multiple sites have to be scanned. AirTight Cloud Services is a convenient, comprehensive, and effective solution for protecting sensitive payment card data and maintaining a strong PCI compliance posture.

  • Automated 24x7 intrusion detection and rogue AP scanning
  • Ability to maintain an up-to-date wireless device inventory (recommended by the PCI SSC)
  • Automatic blocking of Rogue APs and other wireless threats or hack attacks
  • Wireless threat and compliance violation alerts via email
  • Location tracking capability to physically hunt down Rogue and other threat posing wireless devices
  • Scheduled and on-demand PCI report generation and delivery to your inbox