AirTight Secure Guest Wi-Fi

The only cloud-managed Guest Wi-Fi with the industry's best security

In today's age of Smartphones, Tablets and Mobile Apps, users expect Wi-Fi Hot Spots wherever they go. Guest Wi-Fi Hot Spots is a proven way to attract customers and open new opportunities for businesses to better engage their customers, increasing return visits and revenue.

Beyond Internet access

Go beyond simply providing the convenience of Internet access to your guests. AirTight Guest Wi-Fi can be used to creatively leverage the revolution of smart devices and mobile apps for expanding your relationship with customers. The captive portal on AirTight Guest Wi-Fi access points can be customized with your company branding and designed to inform customers about special offers and allow them to place orders from their Wi-Fi devices. Customers can enjoy the Internet access while their orders get ready, instead of standing in a long line or waiting for their turn at the drive thru.

Engage your customers

service, and promote contests. Customers can be encouraged to register their information to participate in localized opt-in marketing programs. Emerging geo-marketing mobile apps could be integrated with Secure Guest Wi-Fi access to explore new ways of engaging guests.

Why AirTight Networks

IWith over 100,000 locations installed, AirTight is the right choice for adding secure Guest Wi-Fi Hot Spots to your business. AirTight Guest Wi-Fi combines the benefits of Wi-Fi access with industry’s best security technology in a single solution, enabling businesses to provide hassle-free Wi-Fi Guest access, while satisfying PCI compliance and protecting the network from security threats.

Key Features
  • A single solution for secure Guest Wi-Fi access and PCI compliance delivers the best ROI
  • Plug and play deployment eliminates need for IT support at remote locations
  • Cloud-based management simplifies the management of thousands of geographically distributed locations
  • Pay-as-you-go subscription pricing eliminates capital expenditures