Wireless Intrusion Prevention

Without the right tools to understand what is happening in your airspace, your business is exposed. Misconfigured access points, a rogue (unauthorized) access point, an employee connecting to a neighbor's network or a hacker sitting in your parking lot - all these can open a back door into your enterprise network and compromise your data. AirTight WIPS (formerly SpectraGuard Enterprise) is consistently recognized as the industry's top rated wireless IPS solution and is the solution of choice for security conscious organizations across all markets including retail, financial services, healthcare, Federal government and DoD installations.

Proactive Threat Detection and Remediation

Take proactive steps against any wireless security threat by automatically detecting and blocking all rogue wireless devices on your network with pinpoint precision. AirTight's WIPS is designed to protect your business by monitoring and defending your airspace 24x7. With over 25 patented techniques for instantaneous threat detection, accurate device classification and automated remediation, no other solution protects your network like AirTight WIPS.

Unlike signature-based solutions that require manual inspection for virtually every detected device in your air space, AirTight's patented "marker packet" technology quickly and accurately identifies those connections that pose a genuine risk to your security then accurately locates any unauthorized access point or client on your floor map for quick removal. Zero false alarms, a robust reporting engine, and step by step troubleshooting make Airtight WIPS an indispensable solution for wireless network security.

  • Patented "marker packet" technology
  • Accurate, automated device/threat classification
  • Automated threat prevention
  • Accurate devices location tracking
  • BYOD onboarding and policy enforcement
  • Real-time troubleshooting and analysis
  • Integration with leading WLAN infrastructures

BYOD Device Onboarding and Policy Enforcement

The proliferation of personal smart devices and the BYOD trend is causing new security concerns for enterprise network and data security. Corporate users (e.g. employees, contractors) are accessing enterprise network and data, and bypassing corporate security controls using their personal Wi-Fi devices.

AirTight's patent-pending smart device fingerprinting and policy enforcement deliver a BYOD-ready Wi-Fi solution for any enterprise concerned with security. AirTight's BYOD on-boarding and quarantine capabilities prevent unauthorized devices from consuming corporate resources and stops data leakage through unauthorized personal smart devices on your network. AirTight Mobile's security agent allows administrators to define and enforce wireless connectivity policies on all approved smart devices in and out of the office, such as enforcing a VPN connection when using an unsecured AP out of the office.

  • Provides wireless threat protection for mobile devices used at home or on the road
  • Interoperates with AirTight WIPS to enforce consistent mobile security policies
  • Integrates with leading MDM solutions for device on-boarding and authorization.
  • Comprehensive logs of wireless connectivity behavior